Birth: November 7, 1922. Brooklyn, New York

Death: October 13, 2016, Saint-Ouen, France

Education: 1952 – 56 B.A., Photography and Cinema, I.D.H.E.C. and Paris University

1922 Born November 7, in Brooklyn, New York

1936 Starts photographing.

1938 Encouraged by Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand.

1940-41 Enlists in United States Army.

Sent to study engineering at Princeton University.

1942-45 Combat photographer with the U.S. Infantry in the Pacific.

1947-52 Lives in Paris and organizes the first exhibition of French photography in the U.S. (with photographers such as Brassai, Izis,

Boubat, Doisneau, Ronis, etc.).

On going friendship with Brassai, who is his maitre.

Works as freelance photographer for various magazines in Europe and U.S.

Studies at IDHEC, Paris University for cinema.

Photographs Paris continually during this period.

1949 First exhibits in Salon des Independents, Bibliotheque Nationale.

1952 Returns to the United States

Photographs New York.

Works as freelance photographer.

1952-71 Periodic trips to photograph Paris, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Mexico.

1972-74 Photographic study of Workers.

Continues to photograph New York.

1981-84 Photographic series of still lifes, nudes and landscapes.

1990 Returns to France permanently to live and work in Saint-Ouen (Seine Saint Denis).

1990-97 Photographs Paris.

Works on several series, including Marche aux Puces, Croissants, Tetes du Metro, and Tetes du Louvre.

Does Bronze sculptures

Periodic visits to photograph New York.


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